anti-social behaviour

How to prevent anti-social behaviour at your premises

The term “anti-social behaviour” covers a pretty broad range of activities: from nuisance behaviours like regularly playing music loudly, to criminal behaviours such as threatening violence. And for businesses and organisations, anti-social behaviour can cause problems in all kinds of ways. Take Ikea for example. It’s...
electrical fire risks

Should we pay more attention to electrical fire risks?

Electricity and electrical appliances are so commonplace that we barely even think about them. That familiarity however can mean we don’t always appreciate the level of risk they could pose including the electrical fire risks. Electrical fires are one of the main types of fires...
perimeter security

How to choose the right perimeter security solution

Preventing people from accessing your premises if they shouldn’t be there is vital. It starts with making sure your perimeter security is as tight as possible. The best way to achieve that however will vary considerably from site to site. The range of perimeter management solutions...