Access Control Systems

Access control is now an increasingly common sight in many workplaces.

From the control of a single internal door to a fully computerised multi door system, access control offers a smart and efficient way of allowing multiple users access to only the areas you wish.

At Jackson Fire & Security, we are experienced access control installers and can offer the latest technological advances (such as biometrics) where high-level security is required or specific personnel identification is critical.

Installed to suit your security requirements, we offer:

  • Access control with intercom.
  • Access control with cameras.
  • Access control gates.
  • Access control keypads.
  • Access control barriers.

With access control systems it is a particular aspect of human physiology that is stored e.g. a finger print, which is then compared against the person whenever access is required.

If you feel that you would benefit from fitting an access control system – request a quote today.

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