Fire Alarm Monitoring

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Each week in the UK, there are approximately 2,100 arson attacks and 67% of fires happen when premises are unoccupied.

Enhancing a fire alarm system to include monitoring will reduce the risk of losing your business to fire.

If a building is unoccupied when a fire breaks out, fire alarm monitoring is the only way to communicate with keyholders and the emergency services

How We Can Help

Remote monitoring can be a requirement of your building insurance policy and with Jackson Fire & Security you can rest assured that your fire alarm is in the hands of an NSI Gold approved company, monitoring your system 24/7, 365 days a year.

When your fire alarm is activated – day or night – a signal is sent to our receiving centre and is always responded to.

We offer dual signalling paths for monitoring which detects signalling path failure in seconds and provides a backup signal via GPRS or IP remote connectivity. Dual signalling is preferred by the police and insurance companies and depending on whether your property is classed as low, medium or high risk, your signal will be checked every hour, every 10 minutes or every minute of the day!

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