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It doesn’t matter what your business is. While the degree of risk does vary depending on the nature of your workplace, the simple fact is that fires can break out anywhere. Fires kill, injure and can wipe out businesses in minutes and that’s why we believe it’s always worth taking a few moments to think about fire safety in your workplace – even if you’re sure you have everything covered.
10248755515_8cf2f53abc_o 1. Get tidying! Getting in the habit of keeping your work environment tidy means you’re reducing the amount of potential fuel for a fire. If you’re regularly clearing the clutter it also helps ensure you don’t block access to walkways, fire prevention equipment and emergency exits.
5339417741_6a54da4db7_z2. Be aware of electrics Many fires are caused by faulty wiring and malfunctioning electrical equipment. Be alert to any equipment that’s overheated and check on your electrical cords. If they’re worn, frayed or damaged in any other way - replace them.
If you use any equipment that produces heat (and you probably do – there aren’t many workplaces without computers or photocopiers) keep them away from anything that might burn easily. And always make sure you turn off electrical appliances at the end of the day.
A final point worth mentioning – many people plug mobiles in to charge at work. Be aware of the dangers posed by the use of unofficial phone chargers. A recent study showed many of them are wired using substandard components and carry a significant risk of fire.

20150116_162554ll3. Make sure your fire risk assessment is up to date
We’re pretty confident you’ll have done a fire risk assessment but make sure it’s reviewed regularly as circumstances can change and your emergency plans may need to be modified to reflect those changes. And once you’ve reviewed it…
ff4. Make sure everyone knows! And we’re not just talking about knowing it exists in a file somewhere!
Unfortunately (and understandably) most people aren’t completely fascinated by health and safety plans. But a small proportion of those people could face the awful moment when their lives depend on it. So why not take people through the plan in a very practical way? If they were in a smoke filled office or in the dark, could they feel their way out of the building
Are you aware of alternative escape routes if your normal one can’t be used? Are there low windows where you could all get to if you needed to jump?

2314fdf0063237f94b1ec8a3a697feaf5. Think about the outdoor risks Unfortunately arson can be an issue for businesses. Don’t leave rubbish close to buildings in case it is set alight and lock up where possible to keep premises as secure as you can.
1212146. Display your workplace address We appreciate people should know your address as they’ll be there most days! But it may not be an employee making the emergency phone call if a fire has suddenly broken out. What if a visitor is doing it? Even if it is an employee, minds can go blank in stressful situations.
And fires can sweep through buildings in minutes – you don’t want precious time wasted. So make sure emergency telephone numbers and the company address are posted near phones and around buildings.

Fire-Safety-Signs7. Check your fire safety signs Are they clear and suitable for everyone? Even those with poor vision or who don’t speak English well? Remember it may not just be employees who are caught up if a fire suddenly occurs but visitors to your workplace who will be unfamiliar with the premises. Make sure the signs are well-lit where necessary.
slide48. Ensure you know what you’re doing with fire extinguishers If an emergency situation suddenly occurred are you confident you’d know how to use a fire extinguisher properly? Take some time today to make sure you know how to choose the right extinguisher for each type of fire and how to discharge it.
But remember – even if you feel you can tackle a small fire ALWAYS keep a clear escape route in case the fire starts spreading quickly.

12479. Become a fire warden If the worst ever did happen, a specially designated fire warden can help people leave by the most direct route and as calmly as possible. So if your business doesn’t have one, why not volunteer? Check everyone knows what to do in the event of a fire and where they can find fire-fighting equipment.
MG_0304small-223x30010. Maintain your fire detection systems and fire safety equipment How could we talk about workplace fire safety without mentioning this one?! Test smoke detectors and fire alarms regularly so you know they’ll alert you in an emergency.
Check fire extinguishers to ensure they’re fully charged and ready for use and get them serviced regularly. We happen to know a really good company who could help you…

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