We can’t spend every minute of every day worrying about security but unfortunately it is something every business (and individual) needs to pay some attention to. Many crimes take place simply because a criminal spots an opportunity and takes it – so here are some reminders about how to avoid giving them that opportunity in the first place.
unnamed1. Lock up It sounds so obvious that maybe we shouldn't mention it. Then again, obvious doesn’t mean we always do it! Have you ever walked into a room and realised you’ve left a window open when it should’ve been closed? Or been convinced you’d locked a door but then discovered you hadn’t? It’s a gift to a criminal so get into the habit of keeping all doors and windows secured. And make sure you don’t prop open doors that should be locked - it’s easy to forget you’ve done it.
safe2. Keep valuables out of sight Yes, we all know we should leave valuables out of view but it’s easy to forget when we’re rushing off to a meeting or leaving at the end of the day. Take a minute when you’re leaving your desk or work area to make sure important and valuable items are stored away and out of sight.  
RFid-Card13. Be alert to unfamiliar faces What should you do if you see someone you don’t recognise and they aren’t accompanied by another employee? It can be awkward to challenge them – they could just be a visitor- and unfortunately in rare circumstances it could be dangerous. If you don’t have one, considering using a security pass system so staff and visitors can be easily identified. And make sure employees know what they need to do if they have concerns about someone.
MG_0351medium4. Invest in a security system When you think about the potential disruption and personal distress in the event of a security incident, it’s worth thinking about how a security system could help you. There are many different options including door access controls or combination door locks. You can also use CCTV to monitor who’s entering the building and to keep an eye on any areas that may be particularly vulnerable.
Light-Bulb-20145. Light up No, we’re not trying to encourage you into bad smoking habits. Make sure you’ve sufficient lighting in and around your premises as they’re an effective deterrent to would-be burglars.  
MG_0384medium6. Keep car parks secure It’s not just the buildings you need to keep secure. If you have a car park, you might want to think about investing in CCTV cameras (even fake ones) or barriers to help deter criminal behaviour.  
7. Never forget the basic rules of personal security take it, it's yoursEven with the best systems in place, it’s really important to always act as safely as you can and to encourage others to do the same. Take a moment to look around for anything or anyone suspicious before leaving your car or going into a building or car park. Keep keys handy so you aren’t distracted by hunting for them when you reach your car or building. If you know you’ll be leaving after dark, move your car as close as possible to the building while it’s light and try to leave at the same time as a colleague.
security-passcode-lockup8. Get password protecting Technology has allowed devices to become smaller which makes them increasingly portable for thieves too! And it’s not just the value of the actual equipment. Think about all the information you hold on your various devices. Accessing that information is easy if they are not password protected so make sure you have a password for every gadget (and not the same one). Another good habit to get into is locking your computer screen if you’re leaving it unattended and logging off completely when you’re leaving for the day.
shredder9. Don’t neglect paper-based information Don’t forget information on paper needs protecting too. Make sure any documents containing sensitive or private data are disposed of securely. And don’t forget about printers and photocopiers – especially if they’re in an open area where other people have access. It’s very easy sending a document to print and then forgetting all about it …  
support-complaints-call-us10. Walls might not have ears… But other people do! So just remember when you are talking company business in a public place (especially on mobile phones) other people can hear you and you never know who might be listening.  

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