Domestic Sprinkler System Servicing

Fire sprinklers are now widely used as part of the fire strategy in new build homes but building regulations may also require them to be fitted during building renovations.

In Wales, all new and converted houses need to have sprinkler systems installed and it is recommended that they are regularly serviced.


How We Can Help

Sprinklers are very reliable and do not go off accidentally – they are only ever triggered by a real fire.

Domestic sprinkler systems require regular maintenance to ensure they are working correctly and do their job in the event of an emergency. Without regular maintenance, pipes and sprinkler heads can become blocked or corroded.


At Jacksons Fire & Security, our engineers can service your domestic sprinkler system in line with British Standards to ensure it remains in the best condition. Our maintenance check includes inspection of the heads (to ensure they are fitted correctly), leakage tests and inspection of the pump and tank (if applicable).

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