Fire safety is of paramount concern for any town and Bromley is no exception as demonstrated by the recent fire at Glades Shopping Centre where 500 people were evacuated safely before the fire brigade arrived.

Unfortunately, not all incidents end successfully and this highlights the critical role fire alarms play in ensuring the safety of occupants in buildings and preventing potential disasters.   The emphasis of fire alarm servicing in Bromley and any area cannot be overstated.

Adopt a Forward-Thinking Strategy

Taking a proactive approach to fire alarm servicing not only guarantees the optimal performance of the system but also offers a range of benefits that contribute to long term safety, cost saving and peace of mind for both building owners and occupants:

  • Early detection of fires: your fire alarm should be checked for reliability and functionality. Fire alarm servicing will identify and address issues with components, sensors and the overall system. Malfunctions can also occur due to wear and tear, environmental factors or other issues.
  • Compliance with regulations: regular fire alarm servicing ensures that fire alarms comply with legislation. None compliance can result in legal consequences and fines.
  • Prevention of false alarms:  false alarms can lead to complacency and may result in delayed responses and disregard of alarms in the future.
  • System integration: in modern buildings, fire alarms are often integrated with other safety systems such as sprinklers and emergency lighting.  Servicing ensures these systems work seamlessly together especially in an emergency.
  • Long term cost savings: regular fire alarm servicing can identify potential issues before they become a major problem, preventing costly repairs or the need for complete replacement.
  • Occupant confidence: regular servicing instills confidence and peace of mind in the building occupants that the system is reliable and functioning.

Maintain the effectiveness of fire detection and alarm systems, with regular fire alarm servicing.

Fire Alarm Servicing in Bromley - Professional advice and support

If you are looking for a company specialising in fire alarm servicing in Bromley, we would like to introduce our newest branch director, Sam Bradley.  Born in the local area, Sam has a determination to deliver high quality solutions to the residents and businesses of Bromley.

By partnering with world-leading building solutions provider Siemens, Sam and his team are able to offer an exclusive no false alarm guarantee to customers. Jackson Fire & Security service and maintain a huge and diverse range of fire alarm systems every day including Advanced, C-Tec, Protec, Kentec and ADT. Fire alarm monitoring can also be included in any maintenance package ensuring your building is protected 24/7.

Jackson Fire & Security have over 30 years’ experience helping customers find the right fire alarm and servicing solution.

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