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Actually that’s a bit of a misleading title for this article because, as will soon become clear, there’s no such thing as a standard day for our engineers! But while no two days are the same, one thing’s for certain – they’re all busy days. Our engineers could be out installing fire extinguishers. They might be servicing and commissioning a large commercial fire or intruder alarm system or perhaps a CCTV or access control system. They could be out and about completing system certification.

But what’s really clear from conversations with both engineers and clients is this; the common denominator of all our engineers’ days is the fact that they’re making sure they’re giving Jackson’s customers as much help and support as possible.

Managing the unexpected

And that’s true even if the help and support needed turns out to be different from initial expectations! It’s not unheard of for an engineer to go to site having been asked to do a particular activity and then realise the scope of work may need to change quickly. Or for an engineer to have to rapidly rearrange plans when they get a phone call out of the blue from a client asking for some help with a situation that’s suddenly arisen.

As one of our engineers comments, ‘It’s all about customer relationships. We offer a level and quality of service that few companies can match. Clients have our mobile numbers so they can get through to us quickly if there’s any kind of problem or emergency. We work very autonomously. We’re effectively our own managers and that means we’ve the flexibility to rearrange our day to sort out their problems quickly. There’s back up available if we can’t get there of course, but we’re always the first port of call.

‘The fact that our clients have their own dedicated engineer who deals with all their installations and maintenance goes down really well.  It means we get to know the building and systems inside out so we can do a great job for the client.’

A relationship built on trust

Doing a great job extends to being able to spot any improvements or issues that may not be part of the brief for the visit but are important for fire safety in the premises the engineer’s visiting. It might be simply seeing something that can be quickly addressed at no charge. Or it might be identifying something that needs to be sorted out but will incur an extra cost. But thanks to the trusting relationship built up between our engineers and their clients, the client knows it’s a legitimate issue that needs addressing.

One of our team of engineers explains, ‘We have excellent training from Jackson’s so we’re competent to do our job really well. Doing our job well means being able to advise our clients accurately and fairly - we need to ensure they’re properly protected from the risk of fire but also make sure they aren’t being advised to spend unnecessarily. We earn our client’s confidence so they know the only reason we’re giving advice that could result in extra cost is to make sure that safety or security standards are as they should be.’

Our engineers are the main face of our organisation to our clients and they understand how vital it is to deliver everything we promise in our Customer Charter – in fact, they are the people who really help bring it to life.

We’re very proud of our engineers and the work they do as part of our team to deliver an excellent level of customer service.  If you’d like to find out more about what our engineers do and the businesses they’ve helped, visit our case studies page. And if you think a Jackson engineer might be able to add value to the safety or security of your site, please do get in touch with us.