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  Test Key 002 You may think it’s strange that we’re asking that question, and there’s a very good reason why. When our engineers carry out fire alarm tests and maintenance they regularly report back to us that fire alarm test keys have disappeared. We know they are pretty small and rather easy to mislay but the fact is test keys do have a tendency to get lost. And that’s a serious problem because those little test keys have a vital job.



Your alarm is one of the most important elements of your fire safety system – if it’s faulty you’re putting yourself and others at risk. Best practice is to get into the habit of carrying out a daily visual check on the fire panel (just to spot any error lights or lack of power lights) and then to undertake a weekly test ideally on the same day and at the same time each week. Let people in the area know what you’re about to do then activate a single call point and check all sounders are working. Once you’ve done it, make sure you reset the system properly.

Back this up with a service every 6 months by a qualified engineer to make sure you’re looking after your alarm system as effectively as you can.

A lost test key means your weekly alarm test falls by the wayside. If you aren’t doing it not only are you leaving yourself and others exposed to danger but, if you’re visited by the enforcing authority and they notice gaps in your fire log book, you’re in trouble.

So don’t underestimate the importance of those little keys. Find a safe place to store them and, if you’ve lost yours, remember they can be replaced quite easily. They may be small but they have a crucial role to play in keeping you safe.


If you in need of a test key you can now purchase from Jackson Fire! Please look at Test Keys page to view a gallery of keys.

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