access control systems
You might think an access control system is something you only need if you have quite large premises or areas of the business that are highly confidential. But actually access control can be used by absolutely any business that wants to be aware of and manage the location of employees and visitors as well as improve overall safety and security. Access control systems range from simple stand-alone systems like a keypad on a door to complex networked and integrated systems that use a variety of security technologies. They can include magnetic stripe readers, proximity readers that use cards or fobs and biometric technology such as fingerprint readers or iris recognition. The main benefits of an access control system are fairly obvious. It lets you control who can be in your premises, whereabouts they can be in it and when they can be in it. But there are other benefits in having an access control system too. 1. Access control systems are a powerful deterrent against crimeaccess-controls Criminals choose the easiest target possible. An access control system might be fitted to a single door; it might be used across an entire site with a vast number of doors and access zones. But either way, it’s a significant and highly visible deterrent to anyone with criminal activity in mind. 2. You can easily allow temporary access – and revoke it too You might employ temporary employees or contractors or have a lot of visitors coming to your premises. As a result, it can be quite hard to keep track of who is on site. Access control systems let you provide access for even very short periods of time. If there are concerns about certain people entering parts of a building, access can be downgraded very quickly. Plus it eliminates the very common problem of lost keys! 3. They can aid a rapid response to emergency situations Some access control systems can provide information and reports very quickly. In an emergency situation, such as a fire, it’s incredibly beneficial to be able to rapidly generate a roll call of everyone who’s in the building being evacuated. In the most extreme situations, like a security threat, some access control systems will enable you to do a fast centralised lock down as well. After an incident, the system can also provide data that helps with the investigation. 4. You can integrate access control with other systems Being able to integrate access control with other systems can provide additional benefits for your business. From an improved security perspective it can work alongside other equipment like CCTV. But you can also integrate them with systems like building energy management systems (BEMS) to help efforts in improving energy efficiency and ultimately lowering your business’ utility bills. It can also integrate with time and attendance systems, allowing you to be aware of employee movements and their time keeping and to address any issues before they become full blown problems. Are you considering installing an access control system? Working out what will be the system that best suits your business can be quite hard! There are a lot of options for access control; you need to find the right one to get the best results for your business and to make sure you get the maximum benefit from it. So if you need some help get in touch with us. We can provide you with a free no-obligation site survey and give you plenty of guidance about the most cost effective solution depending on your requirements.