intruder alarm

While the run up to Christmas is usually a very busy time, the holiday period over the festivities themselves often means many workplaces are empty. And of course this year, with so many restrictions still affecting people’s daily lives, there are already reduced numbers of people in some premises. No matter what the reason, workplaces that are left unoccupied are invariably attractive to intruders, presenting them with potential opportunities for burglary and other forms of crime.

It’s not just businesses that are vulnerable of course. Homes have been more occupied than ever this year thanks to reduced socialising opportunities and increased numbers working from home. Yet research from Admiral has shown that home insurance claims have been rising this year and the number of burglary claims doubled in October. Burglars don’t need long – an opportunistic theft can happen even if you’re out for just a short period.

One way to significantly reduce the risk is to install an intruder alarm. Here are five reasons that explain why it’s well worth investing in a security alarm system in your business and at home.

1. Intruder alarms protect property and possessions when your home or business is empty

Whenever your property is vacant for any length of time, it’s important you have peace of mind that your possessions are safe. Of course, no intruder alarm system can offer a 100% guarantee. But its presence does increase the likelihood that when you return home or back to your work premises, all of your property and possessions are as you left them.

2. Alarm systems create a safer, more secure work and home environment

If a burglary takes place, it’s upsetting - the loss of any kind of possession is distressing. Even if they are not items of sentimental value, it’s still disruptive and potentially costly. As well as the items stolen, there might be damage to your workplace or your home which needs repairing quickly. And don’t underestimate quite how unsettling it feels to know that criminals have been through your property.

Employees need to feel safe in the environment they work in. And it’s vital that you and your loved ones feel safe in their home. The ability to zone an intruder alarm means you can protect your property even when it’s partially occupied, or while you’re sleeping at home, offering an extra layer of security and sense of reassurance.

3. An intruder alarm is a deterrent

An intruder alarm plays an important role in stopping a crime before it’s even happened. Burglars want to make the theft as easy as possible. That makes them far more likely to target homes and workplaces that don’t look well-protected and secure. The presence of an intruder alarm will immediately make them think twice – they know it increases the risk of problems for them and that will make them reconsider if it’s worth the effort.

4. An alarm system can be set up to be monitored for a fast response

Even if a burglar isn’t put off the possibility of trying to break into your home or workplace, the fact that there is an intruder alarm sounding will reduce the amount of time they are likely to spend in your property.

But for an even greater level of protection, whether at home or in the workplace, it’s possible to have your intruder alarm system linked to a monitoring station. If your alarm is activated, the situation can be quickly responded to promptly and appropriately. If necessary, the monitoring station can quickly contact the police and request a response, increasing the odds of the criminal being caught in the act.

5. Having an intruder alarm can reduce your insurance premiums

For both businesses and homeowners, the fact that you have an intruder alarm installed and routinely serviced could mean insurers offer lower premiums. Quite simply, they know that a property protected by an alarm system is more likely to be secure, and that makes it less of a risk to insure. A burglar alarm system that’s monitored by an approved alarm receiving centre may be an insurance requirement for some businesses and even some homes too.

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