Jackson Fire & Security are very proud to announce we have partnered with Merseyside and Cheshire Blood Bikes (MCBB). As part of the affiliation Jackson Fire & Security are now sponsoring MCBB. Our first donation to the Charity has helped to fund some new blood biker’s jackets. These jackets will feature the Jackson company logo to be worn by a number of the blood bikers throughout the region.

Merseyside and Cheshire Blood Bikes (MCBB) is a non-profit making charity that provides support for the NHS by carrying urgently required blood, medicines, samples and human breast milk between hospitals, clinics and laboratories across the Merseyside and Cheshire region.

merseyside and cheshire blood bikes
Graham Bryson, Quartermaster, at Merseyside and Cheshire Blood Bikes with a Jackson branded blood biker jacket

The group started in 2012 and has grown to a membership of over 100 volunteers. Volunteering with the charity could involve riding one of the blood bikes, becoming a controller working from home taking calls and directing riders on duty, or simply helping as a fundraiser to help boost the funds that allow MCBB to keep supporting the NHS. The charity received the Queens Award for Voluntary Service in 2018.

Graham Bryson, an MCBB blood biker, came to visit Jackson Fire & Security’s head office team to give a personal talk on his journey and why the charity is so important to him.

Graham had not long joined MCBB when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He began treatment at the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, where staff were frequently surprised to see one of their patients’ return hours after treatment to pick up someone else’s blood samples.

Graham says: “Being a blood biker is a way to help pay something back for the treatment I received, and a way to thank all the staff who looked after me. If blood bikes are needed, I will do as much as I possibly can.”

You can read Graham’s story in full here and you can find out more about MCBB and how to donate here.

Jackson Fire & Security’s Wirral Branch Director Lee Fowler said: “To know we are supporting a voluntary organisation providing a vital life-saving service to the NHS makes us feel very proud of the new partnership.

“Since agreeing to become a partner we have been so impressed by not only the work the blood bikers do, but also the personal approach they have taken to come and personally thank us for our support. Graham took time to show us the finished jackets with our logo on and to give us more of an insight into how it all works which everyone at Jackson Fire & Security has found inspiring.

Through this new official partnership, we look forward to seeing how we can both support each other more in the future.”

merseyside and cheshire blood bikes
Graham Bryson from Merseyside and Cheshire Blood Bikes visiting Rachel Evans, Marketing Manager, at Jackson Fire & Security Head Office