business security systems

Small businesses all over the UK are always at risk of crimes committed against them, whether it be threats and violence made towards staff, robbery, theft, or even commercial burglary. That’s why you need to improve your business security systems with the most up-to-date solutions out there today!

Business Security Stats

Over 606,000 crimes are reported against businesses in England and Wales annually, including shoplifting which was the most common business crime, accounting for over half of the total crimes. The UK burglary rate against businesses is also staggering, with over 103,000 burglaries committed against commercial properties in a year.

When looking at the data, it works out to be 69.2 crimes affecting the 5.6 million UK businesses every hour. With this information in mind, it’s imperative that more workplaces implement better security systems to protect themselves from being the victim of a crime. This is more revealing when you notice the number of crimes against businesses that have since gone unresolved, which is a very high at 58%! With better security, these crimes may not even be committed - and if they are, you stand a better chance of catching the culprits.

Simple Security Checks

Before implementing business security systems, it’s important to make some simple security checks to see where your business's vulnerabilities lie. For example, there may be valuable items that are out in the open and ready to be stolen. That’s why you should have a Commercial CCTV System installed as soon as possible. It ensures the security of those valuables.

We wouldn’t stop at just that, either. Make sure the locks and keys are secure, that the windows are secure, and that the perimeter of your property is fully fortified against any potential intruders. Whether or not you’re always there to check up on the premises, CCTV monitoring can further increase your security and better protect your business.

Business Security Solutions

On top of that CCTV System, your business should also be in the market for an Intruder Alarm System, along with a whole range of other security system considerations. Intruder Alarm Systems are perfect for alerting anyone nearby of an intruder, which should deter criminals from going any further. It helps members of the public and yourself be aware that a crime is in process, allowing you to contact the police immediately.

If you are looking for even more protection, then be sure to look into Fire Alarm Monitoring! Each week in the UK, there are approximately 2,100 arson attacks, and 67% of fires are when premises are unoccupied. Fire Alarm Monitoring can greatly help secure your premises and protect your business from potentially devastating fires.

Other Security Considerations

The statistics on business security systems are staggering. The market is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 1.9% to reach £1.5 billion. This shows exactly how valuable business security systems are. Seeing just how important it can really be, your business should be considering business security systems when going forward into the future.

Get full access control to your building, limit the responsibility of security to only one person, and develop a much clearer security policy that employees can easily follow to the letter. Access Control Systems could be exactly what you’re looking for. This can limit access to your workplace premises for outside intruders, boosting your security measures as a result.

How Can You Go About Improving Security In The Workplace?

At Jackson Fire& Security , we have everything your business could possibly need to keep it fully secure. Whether it be Access Control Systems, Commercial CCTV Systems, Intruder Alarm Systems, Nurse Call Systems, Fire Alarm Monitoring, or Construction Site Security, then get in touch to find out more about our security services!