Here at Jackson Fire and Security we sincerely hope you are keeping safe and well and would like to let you know that we are here to help.

Following on from our last update we thought it would be useful to contact all of our customers to relay some important information and help you make the correct decisions regarding your fire and security obligations.

We fully understand that you are likely to have other things to think about at the moment, and do not want to add extra pressure at a time of already increased stress. However, we feel we do need to advise that for your system to be fully compliant, the service schedule will need to be kept up to date. If this falls behind, and your site has a fire or security issue, your insurance company may not cover you.

We would like to let you know that we can carry out the servicing of your premises with the utmost regard to safety irrespective of whether your premises is open at the moment or not. If you can provide access to your site we can attend and do the necessary checks whilst the site is closed.

Our third party certification body BAFE has advised the following:

Fire safety during the coronavirus pandemic

“During this extraordinary situation, it must be noted that fire safety cannot be put on hold. Fire does not discriminate, and it is important that your fire safety policy is well maintained appropriately. BAFE have discussed this fact before, but fire safety systems and provisions are different to security measures. Security systems are usually deactivated and activated on a daily basis, so you would know immediately if there is an issue. Fire systems and provisions are not, which is why a regular maintenance schedule is vitally important (and a legal obligation) to ensure these are fully operational in the event of fire.”

Restriction of access to site

“It is understandable that premises management would be restricting access for fire safety providers to their buildings at present. It is also very understandable that business continuity and the welfare of staff is your primary concern.

If your business premises are now closed this could be an ideal time to ensure your fire safety systems and provisions have been or could be maintained suitably according to legislation. However, we must stress only do this at present if it is safe to do so. If you are unable to fulfil your scheduled maintenance of fire safety provisions, please take measures to ensure any people in the building will remain safe (and document actions) and return to your regular fire safety policy and scheduled work/maintenance when appropriate. Your specified fire safety providers/local Fire and Rescue Service will be able to advise further.”

To read the full BAFE article click here.

We want to make you aware that we have put extra safety provisions in place in order to continue providing maintenance and servicing to our customers.

We are taking the following steps to ensure the safety of our employees and your people:

  • Ensuring our engineers are washing or sanitising their hands before entering and after leaving each premises.
  • Ensuring a suitable distance is kept between our engineers and anyone in the premises – two metres wherever possible.
  • All of our staff have carried out further health and safety training specifically on infection control.
  • Our engineers are providing daily reports on their health and well-being to our management team.
  • If any of our engineers feel unwell or develop symptoms associated with Covid-19 they have been asked to inform the office immediately and go into self-isolation.

As the country is effectively on lockdown, BAFE has been advised by the Government that fire safety providers are listed as key workers. Emergency call outs could prevent or reduce false alarms for example. This will reduce further strain on emergency services at a time when they are facing increasing levels of demand and taking on additional responsibilities.

Under the circumstances it is understandable if you want to delay your servicing visit, but we do advise you to confirm that this is acceptable with your insurance providers and to obtain this in writing from them.

The fire safety industry’s actions are somewhat invisible to the public, but they are of extreme importance in reducing the risk from fire. The coronavirus is affecting the way we all work, but we know that where possible it is vital to continue efforts to keep the nation safe from avoidable dangers.

Kind Regards




Steve Jackson

Managing Director

Jackson Fire & Security UK Ltd