We would like to take this opportunity to re-assure our customers across all of our regional branches in the UK that we are continuing to carry out servicing and maintenance of your fire and security systems.

Our main commitment to our customers is to ensure they remain compliant and we will work with them to ensure their servicing schedule is kept up to date, whilst keeping the health of their people and our people at the forefront of our minds.

As recommended by our industry body IFEDA, we will be advising customers that if they want to postpone any service visits we strongly advise gaining written confirmation that this is acceptable from their insurance providers.

If customers ask us to postpone a service visit for a number of months, they are going outside of the maintenance requirements under British Standards. This is why we are advising approval from your insurance providers, as if the worse does happen there is a possibility they would refuse to pay out due to the maintenance schedule of the system not being kept up to date.

Health and safety is always at the forefront of our minds and underpins everything we do in our industry. However, we would like to further re-assure our customers and employees that we are doing everything possible to protect our key stakeholders at this time by asking all employees to adhere to our procedures as follows:

  • Regularly wash their hands, especially before entering customer premises.
  • Regularly report to the office to have a general health check and a temperature check.
  • Avoid all international travel.
  • Make smart decisions regarding all day-to-day travel and ask yourself whether the journey is absolutely necessary. Staff are asked to avoid higher risk venues and large public gatherings.
  • Respect self-isolation by colleagues, friends and family who are displaying symptoms consistent with the coronavirus.
  • Avoid face to face meetings of large groups of employees to significantly reduce the risk of virus spread.
  • Inform us of any symptoms consistent with the coronavirus and immediately self-isolate for 14 days.
  • All visitors attending our offices will be asked to declare any symptoms, wash or sanitise their hands and have a temperature check prior to accessing our offices and meeting rooms.

We thank you for your continued business and support.

The Jackson Fire & Security Team