Hosting large public events comes with the responsibility of ensuring the safety and wellbeing of everyone who attends.

Amongst the myriad of safety measures, one aspect that is often overlooked is the fire extinguisher servicing.  Fire extinguishers play a pivotal role in mitigating fire risks and safeguarding lives and it is important that the right fire safety equipment is in place and working correctly for your event. 

In this blog, we explore why prioritising fire extinguisher servicing before large public events plays a crucial step in creating a secure environment for everyone.

  • Legal Compliance and Regulatory Standards
    Beyond being a moral obligation, ensuring fire safety at public events is a legal requirement. Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, event organisers are responsible for fire safety at the event venue and must:
    • adequately assess the risk of fire.take steps to stop fires from starting or to limit the spread of fire.
    • provide adequate systems of fire warnings and means of escape.

Adhering to these standards not only avoids legal consequences but, more importantly, establishes the foundation for a secure event.

  • Immediate Response to Emergencies
    Fire can escalate rapidly and having properly serviced fire extinguishers can make the difference between a manageable incident and a catastrophe. Regular fire extinguisher servicing ensures they are operational, fully charged and ready for immediate use.  In a crowded event setting, a swift and effective response is critical to minimising damage and protecting lives.

      • Addressing Potential Hazards in Event Spaces
        Large public events often involve diverse setups, from stages and sound systems to food stalls and electrical wiring. These elements can pose fire hazards if not properly managed. Regular servicing of fire extinguishers includes inspections by qualified technicians who can identify potential risks and ensure that the right types of extinguishers are strategically placed to address specific fire hazards.

      • Maintaining equipment integrity: Like any mechanical device, fire extinguishers require regular maintenance to preserve their integrity. Servicing involves checking for leaks, ensuring pressure levels and confirming that all components are in working order. This proactive approach ensures that the extinguisher will function as intended when needed, providing peace of mind to event organisers and attendees alike.

      • Demonstrating commitment to safety: It is important to remember that prioritising fire extinguisher servicing is not just a box to check off a safety list, it's a visible commitment to the wellbeing of event attendees. A well-maintained fire safety infrastructure, including extinguishers, sends a strong message that organisers take safety seriously. This commitment promotes trust among attendees and contributes to the overall success and reputation of the event.

      Fire extinguisher servicing is as a cornerstone of building a comprehensive safety plan, providing a first line of defence against potential disasters. At Jackson Fire & Security Solutions, we appreciate the importance of selecting and siting appropriate fire extinguishers to protect your venue or premises and we only employ BAFE qualified technicians to undertake installation and service work.

      Fire extinguisher installation and service work are undertaken to the highest standards:

      • all extinguishers carry a British Standard Kitemark.
      • there is a five-year warranty with all new equipment.
      • installation and service work can be undertaken promptly.
      • you will receive value for your money.

      If you are hosting an event (of any size), get in touch today to arrange a free survey and quote without obligation, we carry out fire extinguisher servicing, maintenance and installation to the highest standards.

      Jackson Fire & Safety