summer fire safety

The recent heatwave was a real challenge for many families, business owners and even the emergency services. With temperatures climbing to their highest in history, there was a huge spike in reported fires, and many people have been left wondering how best to increase their summer fire safety.

In a work environment, fire safety is a vital element that every single member of staff should know about, and this is going to become more and more important in the years to come. Ensuring that your employees know how to keep themselves and your premises safe is key, and making sure that your employees are confident about the practices and policies is mandatory.

At Jackson Fire & Security, we understand the importance of fire safety. During the summer period, especially in hot weather, it’s more important than ever to ensure your business is protected. Here are a few ways that you can help your summer fire safety plan and reduce the risk of injury or damage to your premises.

Have Multiple Fire Extinguishers On Hand

Fires can get out of control within minutes of starting up. So, in order to stay safe, you should have multiple fire extinguishers spread across your premises. Being prepared for situations like this is paramount to you and your employees’ safety; that’s why business fire protection is so incredibly important. Not having these measures in place can seriously reduce your chances of survival, as well as the survival of your business’s premises.

Whatever type of business and property you have, a thorough assessment will be needed to advise what quantities of fire extinguishers are sufficient for your building. A qualified and competent person will also be able to recommend the best type of fire extinguisher for your environment. For example, water fire extinguishers are ideal for ordinary combustible materials like textiles, paper and wood, but should never be used on fires involving electrical equipment because of the risk of electric shock.

Unplug Air Conditioning When Not In Use

Considering how much we utilise our AC during the summer, or even fans and other equipment, it is vital that we unplug all of these appliances from the mains when they’re not currently in use. Overuse of AC, for example, could lead to overheating. This overheating can turn into a fire hazard very quickly, so it needs to be unplugged as soon as possible to save it from doing so.

The same can be said for an electrical fan. Motors can overheat when they’re overused, and sockets can also short circuit, so it’s best to unplug the device. In the summer, it’s not always the heat that causes fires. We just need to be more aware of our actions. This gives us a much better chance to catch these mechanical faults and stop fires if they’re about to take shape.

Check Fire Alarms Are Working Regularly

A fire alarm is an effective way to reduce the spread of fires. When a fire starts burning, the fire alarm will alert you to its presence. Without it, the fire could quickly get out of control before you even have a chance to know it’s there. But with an alarm, you can ensure you are aware as soon as it starts. Many of us are so busy with an uplift in business or are left short-staffed due to holidays that they forget to check their fire alarms during the summer period - don’t forget yours! If you’re away from the premises at any given time (on holiday or taking a break from the heatwave etc.), then fire alarm monitoring could be a useful addition to your fire safety arsenal. Whether it’s day or night, a signal is sent to our receiving centre and always responded to in order to protect your workplace. Business fire safety is a priority at all times of the day, 365 days a year.

Protect Your Premises When On A Holiday

Some premises are completely shut during the summer period, schools for example. Leaving the building unattended during the summer holidays could present some unwanted fire safety hazards. Carrying out checks to see where vulnerabilities lie within the premises before the summer break can help make it safer. A professional fire risk assessment can also give you that peace of mind and actionable insights into improvements that can be made.

It’s worth noting that during the summer, there is often an increase in acts of vandalisation. Having complete confidence that if a fire broke out, either accidental or intentional, your systems would limit the spread and notify the relevant authorities is vital.

Also, consider the storage of waste and other materials. If a short circuit happens, or a fire breaks out another way, then this waste and the other materials could help spread the fire further. By simply storing these away in a safe location, you’re proactively decreasing the risk on the premises and ensuring that any potential fires don’t spread. This is all about foresight - not hindsight - so ensure summer fire safety is met.

Train Employees On Summer Fire Safety

Finally, you need to make sure your staff are clued up on their summer fire safety procedures and know what to expect. The aforementioned fire risk assessment is something you need to go through; showing them the placement of the fire doors and emergency lighting can help them in the event of a fire.

Educate your staff on what to do when discovering a fire, how to raise the alarm, and what to do upon hearing the fire alarm. Don’t forget to train any temporary staff filling in for employees who are away. This time of year is typically the holiday season, so temp staff have to fill in and know what to do. It’s a necessary part of the job.

How Can You Go About Stopping Fires In The Workplace?

At Jackson Fire & Security, we have everything your business could possibly need to keep it safe from fire. Whether it be fire doors, emergency lighting, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, fire risk assessments, or fire alarm monitoring, then get in touch to find out more about all of our fire safety services!